The foundation for effective sales and increased revenues, catalogues are a vital customer touchpoint and source of information.

From desk to doorstep, Walstead can design, create and deliver your catalogues to their target audience, with the materials (papers, ink) in a format they will appreciate and via the print technology (sheet-fed, web-offset) that matches their expectations and your budget. We can also publish your catalog in a choice of digital versions (web, online, application).

You can choose to look over our shoulder, be fully hands-on, or take an arms-length approach to our integrated processes, which give you flexibility, efficiency and control.

Our end-to- end services include creative design, photography and graphics, copywriting and translation for all major languages, and DTP. Our proprietary Synergy workflow management system lets you keep track of who is working on what, how far they have got with it, and what you need to do next.

If localization is your challenge, we have the solution with translation possibilities for 58 languages. We also provide personalization aligned with your database or locations, matched up with your customer segmentation.

Because quality is our concern, it won’t be yours: in addition to experts who lead the field in color consistency and dedicated teams for project management, we also secure your peace of mind with certified processes and environmental certifications (ISO 27001 for information security; ISO 12647 for color management; FSC, PEFC, ISO 14000 and EU Ecolabel for the environment).

Professional solutions for stories worth telling

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