We offer you an unique technology of spraying application of scented varnishes on printed paper. Scent printing is one of the way to enhance the offset reproduced advertisement, attract attention and interest of recipents.


Until now, the main technique for printing fragrances was heatset offset printing – where the application of the ink enriched with fragrance components took place from the fifth printing unit.


In order to increase the production capacity, a team of engineers has developed an innovative, non-contact application technology for airless spraying.


The water-based scented varnish is feed under the high pressure and applied from the nozzle on the paper web running below. As a result on the paper web we get the area coated with scented varnish with the shape similar to a rectangle.


A significant advantage of the spray application is that there are no restrictions on the type of printing machine – the system is portable, so varnish application can take place on any printing machine.


No plate handling process and maintain fifth printing unit makes that the spraying technology has a lower production cost, greater competitiveness compared to the traditional offset technique and greater production capacities.


If you want to enrich the reception of your product with the power of fragrance, we invite you to contact us and learn more about the spraying application of fragrances.




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