For years, safety, quality, respect for the Customer’s product and environmental care have invariably represented foundations of our operations. In view of the prevailing global epidemiological situation, we decided to extend our offer by adding an innovative antiseptic varnish. We use it in offset printing to protect all kinds of printed materials (leaflets, magazines, catalogues, etc.) with a protective coating that has antiviral and antibacterial properties.


How does it work? Under the influence of sunlight, a process takes place on the coated surface, and reduces the number of microbes by even 99.5%, thus effectively enhancing product safety. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of the varnish coated product last for a period from a few to more than a dozen months!


The first Walstead Customer to benefit from the innovative varnish is the Lidl chain of stores, for which we have recently made antibacterial brochures.


It should be noted that the varnish is absolutely safe for people and environment-friendly, which is confirmed by relevant certificates. Additionally, products made using our varnish are recyclable.


We can fight proactively against viruses and bacteria, without compromising environmental care at the same time.


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