From personally addressed local letters to selectively bound products for diverse demographics in multiple European countries, Walstead Central Europe can help you hit your target audience on time and within budget, helping you hit your sales targets and bump up your marketing ROI.

The increased sales from personalized mailing depend on it being done well – error-free segmentation and integration of your customer database, lean and well-managed design, production and delivery processes, and a mail that feels as good at it looks.

Contracts management
  • with local and global service providers including postal operators and courier companies,
  • for regular shipments and one-off projects,
  • from single copies to packages.
Mailing cost optimization
  • by aligning addresses with postal routes
  • by selecting the most efficient materials (papers, inks, finishing)
  • by selecting the most suitable print process (web offset, sheet-fed, etc.)
  • by combining production stages (addressing during binding process)
  • by using the right format and weight to save postage and delivery costs
  • by choosing the most cost-efficient transport for large and small deliveries
Secure database processing
  • separated servers
  • secure data transmission
  • restricted access to data processing areas
  • procedures consistent with our ISO 27001 certification.
A choice of finishes
  • Binding in pre-personalized elements (e.g. inserts, booklets…)
  • Inserting and onserting personalized components
  • Selective inserting
  • Inkjet on book, poly, carrier sheet or address label
  • Individual QR code imprinting with online quality check


Professional solutions for stories worth telling

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