Walstead provides services for each step of your direct mail campaigns, and an end-to- end solution covering all of them.

Graphic design, copywriting, proofreading, translation, printing, warehousing and delivery – wecan manage all of them separately or as part of a lean integrated process involving our proprietary workflow management system, Synergy, our automated printing plants, our warehouse and network of transport partners. Choosing from our extensive range of paper, envelopes, inks, varnishes and foil will keep your postal costs down, increase your reach and reduce waste, whether you’re sending out leaflets, letters, brochures or catalogues.

Integrating the physical promotion with your digital assets (online catalogues or website) is straightforward if you do it with us. You can also integrate offline and online campaigns with elements tracking and reporting on campaign effectiveness.

Further personalization options create the potential for even more targeted mails. For example, you’ll recognize the value of personalizing your communication campaigns and integrating customer data. Our experienced teams will help you manage and execute those campaigns.

We can guarantee that your message gets though your target letterboxes across Europe with our comprehensive European delivery network. And don’t worry about waste – your direct mail can be environmentally neutral, thanks to our sustainable papers (FSC® and PEFC / SFI) and eco-certified processes (EU Ecolable).


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