Extend the reach of your publication materials – and your revenues – with digital publishing. Walstead’s experience in broadening its clients marketing mix puts us in a good position to enhance yours.

We can ensure full synchronization and consistency with your printed materials, in terms of content, look, feel and distribution.

Flip page publication

The cheapest and easiest way to be visible among digital publication readers. What you receive is the replica of yourPDF materials converted into a web-based publication or application. This is the perfect tool to create newspapers, magazines and catalogues that look just like your printed editions but may also be enriched with additional media (hyperlinks, video, animations, etc.)



Customized web-based publication

The best solution to expand your digital visibility by creating a fully customized, interactive web publication using readymade templates. Just implement the content into the template and view your web publication on desktop and mobile devices via a web browser. Best suited for short digital communication materials such as: promotions, brochures, newsletters, landing pages.

DPS (Digital Publishing Suite)

A comprehensive solution for creating, distributing, monetizing, and optimizing content and publications for smartphones and tablets. If you have already gone digital and have an Adobe DPS license, this tool allows you to expand your visibility among digital readers. Create a fully designed application for iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications allow you to extend the reach of your publication materials – and the related revenues. You can publish through the application alone or to support other content distribution channels. Walstead can advise you on the best marketing mix and custom-build an application just for you.

The solution enables the creation of a mobile application using pre-designed modules and supported by a built-in real-time Content Management System (CMS). The modules allow you to:

  • view content (texts, photos, links, movies) divided into sections/categories
  • integrate existing user databases
  • provide a search option (basic text or tagging)
  • make a list of your favorites


The design platform delivers applications for two operating systems simultaneously (iOS, Android), ensuring your application gets maximum reach for minimal outlays. Changes in functionalities will be immediately implemented to all three systems at once, giving you flexibility to introduce changes while keeping your upgrade costs low.

Mobile application design and deployment

The development process begins with a workshop to identify the purpose and scope of your application: your target audience, anticipated content, time to market, etc.

If time and money are short, we can offer a standardized application set, and look after the formalities of registering your mobile application on the AppStore and Google Play.

We will also support you during go-to-market with your new mobile application, providing modifications, full technical support and tailored analytics.

License fee

The annual license fee is fixed and paid in advance. It includes:

  • development (for iOS, Android OS)
  • unlimited content updates (by Walstead or the client)
  • technical support
  • analytical data access and automated reporting
  • operating systems upgrades



Professional solutions for stories worth telling

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