Your publication’s competitive advantage depends on its look and feel, so you need to enhance its covers and everything between them without breaking the bank.

Walstead has the technology to give your magazine, catalog, brochure or book that competitive edge down to the smallest detail, while using efficient print processes (ink-jetting) to keep your costs down too.

To make your title more eye-catching, we offer a wide range of solutions, including print enrichment (varnishing), full Pantone color selection, hot-stamping, manual finishing and lenticular or 3D pop-ups, not to mention inserts or onserts.

To give your publication a unique feel, we employ techniques including embossing and debossing, hot-stamping, perforating and drilling. And if you want to enter another sensory dimension, we can even offer a variety of scented inks.

Reliability and durability of the publication and its components is assured with polywrapping, shrink wrapping and PUR binding options. We also do collation. And for your publication’s collectors, our precision techniques mean problem-free partworks.



Professional solutions for stories worth telling

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