Without efficient storage, your cost benefits from efficient production are lost.

Walstead Central Europe can look after your warehousing needs, from simple storage with integrated stock-control to collation, re-packing and stacking of your materials and goods. We also offer warehousing management, looking after your system and suppliers to give you more time to look after your core business.

As a one-stop- shop for all your warehousing needs, we deal efficiently with paper management – ordering, replacing and sourcing alternatives when required. With rates that benefit from our existing scale, we can manage your various-sized pallets (CHEPS included) and boxes, and repackage from one to the other when necessary.

If all you need is paper, we are experts in getting the right balance between cost, quality and delivery time, so that you’ll neither run short or be overstocked. We offer statistical checks for stock and production checking (e.g. inserts), and secure warehousing for high-value goods.

Don’t wear yourself out with storage and inventory worries – let us handle your warehousing needs.


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