From concept elaboration thru channel choice to release, LSC Communications’ comprehensive offer covers all you need for high-quality video to display your products, deliver your message or bolster your brand. You can choose the full package, or just the parts of it you feel you need most.

Our creative director will take you through the choice of solutions for your concept, based on its purpose and target, and help you develop that purpose, target and concept if required.

He will also work through storyboards and scripts to ensure time will not be wasted once the camera starts rolling, and double-check that the casting, lighting arrangements, backgrounds and props are consistent with what your video has to convey.

The choice to shoot at a particular location or in studio is up to you. We have two photo sets in central Warsaw, Poland, and three more larger studios (140m, 300m, 350m) at your disposal. We can provide styling and make-up services on location and in studio.

Our post-production facilities will look after editing, including for the soundtrack, and can offer voice-over and subtitles in any language.

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Professional solutions for stories worth telling

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