To succeed in marketing you must be where your customers are, which means being where they look for information. Find the channel, whether it’s print, web or mobile, and you will gain their attention and have a chance to transform them into loyal customers. To succeed, you need to adjust your communications to the channel.

Multichannel communication helps you to build your brand’s image and attract new customers. You can directly connect with your users and provide them with information relevant to them about your brand and products. Multichannel communication also allows you to deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple media.

Managing multichannel communication under one roof

You may be thinking of hiring different agencies to prepare, produce and deliver your multichannel content. However, using multiple agencies may result in a lack of brand consistency across your communications. That problem can be avoided by hiring a single partner to manage your multichannel content. This also allows you to avoid wasting time and energy on coordinating different partners, and instead to focus on what really matters – marketing strategy and conversion rates.

So how does multichannel communication with one supplier look?

It’s pretty simple:

  • You provide them with your materials (texts, images, videos etc.)
  • They redistribute the materials to dedicated teams (print, web, mobile)
  • They follow agreed channel specifications in preparing final versions
  • You get what you wanted, all under one roof.

The infographic depicts what the process of creating multichannel communication under one roof looks like. It also shows the benefits of each channel.


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