Since the end of September 2018, the unique heat recovery system has been operating at our printing site in Starachowice and delivers heating energy to commercial as well as residential recipients in the city.

Thanks to the solution designed by Celsium, the enery supplier in Starachowice, excess energy from printing processes in Walstead facility supplies the municipal heating network. The entire installation with a high-tech automation, service and control system has been designed for the specific requirements of the printing house and heating network.

The installation can work in both directions. It has been designed to transfer surplus of the energy from printing processes to the heating network. However, when the printing machines are not working, the same installation provides the energy to the Walstead site.

The joint project of the energy supplier and energy recipient, which is the Walstead Starachowice printing house, is a new level of pro-ecological activities, which is still a very rare cooperation in the country. These are real savings in energy consumption and a significant reduction of exhaust emissions.

According to Celsium calculations, annual coal consumption is projected to be reduced by nearly 1500 tonnes, for which we would need as many as 25 wagons.

The heat from this system reaches recipients in the industrial zone as well as individual recipients and reduces smog and carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Advanced energy recovery system works also in our Kraków plant and it significantly reduces our influence on carbon dioxide emission in the city. The recovered energy we use, among others to supply central heating system of the plant and to warm utility water.

This is one of a good example of rational heat management and care for the natural environment.

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