Dear Clients,

In connection with reports on the increasing numer of Covid 19 coronavirus cases in Europe, we would like to inform you that Walstead CE monitors the situation closely in Poland. At the same time Walstead CE is preparing the contingency plan to assure the production stability.

The Business Continuity Coordination Team has been created to be responsible for crisis management in the event of a threat. Walstead CE implements all recomendations issued by the MInistry of Health on an ongoing basis. Personal hygiene regulations have been strengthened and the Company has implemented the recommended business travel restrictions with regard to its employees. Walstead CE is also in constant contact with its suppliers. At pesent, no signals have been reported that any productions are at risk.

Being a company with many production plants throughout the Europe we are able to respond on an ongoing basis to secure our customer’s business.

We trust this information provides you with the necessary assurance that Walstead CE is taking all reasonable steps currently possible to manage the potential risk.

Walstead Central Europe Customer Service and Sales representatives are at your disposal to answer any questions.

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