Operational and Logistics Update due to coronavirus


Since May 30th Poland has decided to further ease the restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus epidemic. All Walstead Central Europe facilities work as scheduled. No issues reported at national borders. All transportations are delivered to clients as planned.

08-05-2020, 13:00

We are glad to inform you that there are no major issues at EU borders.
Trucks are dispatched according to schedules and should reach all destinations without delays.
Walstead facilities run as planned.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

30-04-2020, 13:00

All transportations continue to be dispatched to Walstead CE clients with no delays on European borders. All transportations are contracted and confirmed until May 5th.

Our facilities are working as scheduled. Tomorrow due to the bank holiday we are shut down in Poland.

We wish you a great weekend.

24-04-2020, 10:00

There is no any obstacles reported as of now on EU borders so freight trucks should reach final destiations with no delays.

All contracted transportations are confirmed until Monday 27.04, 12:00.

All Walstead CE facilities will work during weekend as scheduled. Walstead team wish you a great weekend.

20-04-2020, 10:00

European borders are clear and frieght trucks are expected to reach final destiantions with no delays across Europe.

Our 3 Poland facilities are scheduled to work as planned during upcoming week.

17-04-2020, 14:00

We expect no major issues at European borders.

All deliveries are confirmed until Monday 20.04, 12:00.

We wish you great weekend!

16-04-2020, 10:00

All transportations contracted until April 17 to 12:00 are confirmed.

Border with Czech Republic is again clear and freight trucks are crossing country line without delays.

There are no queues in other parts of Europe and our products are delivered as planned to final destinations.

14-04-2020, 13:20

Poland 3 facilities started operation after Easter break as scheduled.

All transportations for our clients contracted until April 15, 13:00 PM are confirmed.

New restrictions in the Czech Republic caused queues, up to 10km to enter the country.

Up to 3 hrs freight trucks are awaiting to enter France from Germany.

10-04-2020, 14:00

We expect all deliveries to go smoothly to final destinations through Easter Weekend.

We wish everyone all the best – stay healthy.

Walstead CE Team!

09-04-2020, 13:00

All transportations are ordered and confirmed until April 10th.

No major issues reported with deliveries across Europe.

Restrictions and situation in Europe are monitored as may cause longer truck lines.

07-04-2020, 12:00

No new information on Poland and EU borders.

All deliveries go smoothly to final destinations.

06-04-2020, 12:00

All transportations contracted until 7 of April 12:00 AM are confirmed.

Polish-German border: freight trucks are waiting to leave the country up to 3 hrs.

Hungary: around 3 hrs trucks lines at northern and western borders.

3 Poland Walstead facilities continue to work with no major impact on agreed schedules.

03-04-2020, 16:00

We are truly happy to help different Institutions in this hard time. Walstead CE supports Social Welfare Centers and Krakow hospitals by delivering protecting visors produced inhouse for our employees.

We gave visors to following institutions:
– 1000 pcs. to Social Welfare Centre in Krakow (to equip people distributing food and carers working in nursing homes and orphanages)
– 150 psc. to Social Welfare Centre in Starachowice
– 1000 pcs. for Stefan Żeromski Hospital in Krakow
– 500 pcs. for St. Ludwik Children’s Hospital in Krakow

We are also expecting to supply visors to Clinical Department of Gynecology and Oncology at the University Hospital in Krakow facing hard times due to the Coronavirus situation.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself and others!


03-04-2020, 14:00

All transportations are ordered and confirmed until April 6th.

No major issues reported with deliveries across Europe.

01-04-2020, 12:00

Today Poland borders are clear and trucks don’t wait to leave the country.

All transportation contracted until 2 of April 12:00 AM are confirmed as scheduled.

Restrictions and situation in Italy, Spain and Russia are monitored as may cause longer truck lines.

New restrictions in Hungary caused 6hrs queues at the Hungarian borders, each truck entering Hungary needs to lave country within 24 hours, otherwise driver is directed for 2 weeks quarantine.


31-03-2020, 12:00

Today all trucks leaving country as scheduled and there are no lines at borders.

Walstead CE is checking if there is any impact of new Poland government restrictions on current operations.

30-03-2020, 10:30

Today Poland borders are clear and trucks don’t wait to leave the country.

All transportation contracted until 31 of March 12:00 AM are confirmed as scheduled.

Restrictions and situation in Italy, Spain and Russia are monitored as may cause longer truck lines.

New restrictions in Hungary caused queues at the Hungarian borders, up to 4-6h.

German southern borders (directions to France, Switzerland and Austria) make freight trucks awaiting 6-8 hrs.

27-03-2020, 11:30

Today Poland borders are clear and trucks don’t wait leaving the country.

All trucks contracted until 30 of March 12:00 AM are confirmed as scheduled.

Restrictions and situation in Italy, Spain and Russia are monitored.

New restrictions in Hungary caused queues at the Hungarian borders, up to 4h.


26-03-2020, 12:30

Today Poland borders are clear and trucks don’t wait leaving the country.

All trucks contracted until 27 of March 12:00 AM are confirmed as scheduled.

Deliveries to Bavaria and Northern Italy are carried out.

Russia is planning further restrictions – the situation is monitored.

New restrictions in Hungary caused queues at the Hungarian borders, up to 6h.

25-03-2020, 10:30

Today Poland borders are clear and trucks don’t wait leaving the country.

All trucks contracted until 26 of March 12:00 AM are confirmed as scheduled.

Deliveries to Bavaria and Northern Italy are carried out.

Yesterday Poland’s government said it would expand restrictions on citizens to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including  a ban on gatherings of more than two people, excluding families, and a lockdown confining people to their homes except for essential activities, which would include food shopping, dog-walking, going to work and taking care of elderly relatives. We are checking what is potential impact on our production plan.


Today Poland borders with Slovakia and Czech Republic are clear and trucks are awaiting up to 2 hours for leaving the country.

6 hours jams expected while leaving Poland to Belaruss.

Up to 2 hours Freight trucks are awaiting to enter Austria from Germany.

All trucks contracted until 25 of March 12:00 AM are confirmed as scheduled.

23-03-2020, 11:00

Situation on Poland borders stabilised and freight trucks entering and leaving country with no delays.

There are up to 3 hours truck lines at the German-Swiss and Ausrtian-Hungarian borders.

Entry to Romania from Hungary takes around 3-4 hours for freight trucks.

All trucks contracted until March 24th 12:00 are confirmed as scheduled.

Walstead logistics team is closely monitoring the situation in Italy and Southern Germany as more restrictions are introduced over last weekend.

21-03-2020, 11:00

Freight trucks go smoothly through EU internal border as of Saturday March 21st morning.

All contracted trucks are loaded and leaving Walstead CE as scheduled. We expect all deliveries should continue to be dispatched according to the plan until Monday morning.

All Poland sites work with no discruptions at the moment.

20-03-2020, 12:00

Situation at EU borders is improving, currently queues of trucks entering and leaving Poland are declining. It takes few hours for trucks to enter or leave the country.

Deliveries to Russia still requires one extra day.

Due to the closure of many automotive factories in Western Europe, the number of cars available is decreasing as Transport companies are scheduling breaks in their operations.

We are notified by freight companies about transportation price increases. Our representatives will contact Walstead business partners to discuss level of applied increase.

At the moment – all trucks contracted until Monday March 23rd 10:00 AM are confirmed to be loaded.


Today morning we got information from transportation companies about slight decrease of truck lines at borders.
That is certainly good news for our clients in all surrounding Poland countries as we might expect delays we informed about yesterday should be reduced.
There are still concerns about full trucks availability, however all deliveries to EU countries and Russia are secured for the next 24 hrs.

Our logistics department is working 24/7 to make sure impact of potential delays caused by Coronovirus restrictions is minimised.
The Next update is expected tomorrow.

18-03-2020, 12:00

Currently we observe decline in Freight availability in all European directions.

Due to long lines on all borders and restrictions inroduced by individual countries depending on delivery destinations transportation might take longer then usually.

Our Client Service and Sales team infrom you on daily basis about current situation.

Border Germany / Poland waiting time to enter Poland up to 24 hours.

Border Czech / Poland – traffic jams for several kilometers at some border crossing points.

Border Slovakia / Hungary increased border controls. Queue for a few kilometers.

Border Poland / Belarus – transit time to Russia may be extended by a day.

Border Austria / Italy – traffic from Villach allows for a smooth ride.

Border Austria / Italy traffic from Innsbruck very limited – 12 hours in queues.

Transit time to Russia extended by 24h (obstructions at the borders, problems on the customs calendar).

At the moment our facilities work without breaks and production goes as usually however there are certain concerns around human resource availability in upcoming days which might impact operational plans.

We will update you about current situation via website and direct contact of our team as soon as situation changes.


15-03-2020, 11:00 AM

Dear Customers,

Below we inform you about the status of logistic on the EU area, as of 11 o’clock Sunday, the 15th of March.

Despite EU requests not to close the borders for trucks, in some cases such restrictions are being introduced by several countries.

The Polish Association of International Road Carriers has received information that:

  1. Hungary does not allow trucks from Austria and Slovenia.
  2. Slovenia does allow trucks of which drivers are Slovenian citizens. The non- Slovenian citizens have to show a certificate (not older than 3 days) confirming they are not-infected by coronavirus.
  3. Slovenia admits trucks from Italy and other countries only if they will return loaded immediately to other countries or loaded with: medicine, mail or humanitarian aid. Despite the reduced traffic on the Italian-Slovenian border, trucks wait up to 10 hours to cross the border.
  4. The Slovenian-Croatian border is closed to all traffic entering from Italy, trucks wait on the Slovenian-Croatian border for up  to 10 hours.
  5. On Italian-Austrian border, the truck queue is between 50 and 60 km long and the waiting cross boarder time is up to 10 hours.
  6. Trucks leave Poland without delay, but due to queues at the borders, delivery time is hard to estimate.

An extraordinary meeting with the EU transport Commissioner is scheduled for Wednesday, 18th of March. The meeting will concern traffic restrictions.

Please be aware that depending on level of restrictions on national borders your deliveries might be delayed.

At the moment all trucks scheduled to be loaded on 15th and 16th of March are confirmed by transportation carriers.

Our representatives receive updates from Walstead Coronavirus Task Force on regular basis and will contact you if situation changes.



Dear Business Partners,

Up to current circumstances we would like to inform you that Poland will ban foreigners from entering the country from Sunday 15 March and impose a 14-day quarantine on its citizens returning home in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. No international inbound flights or trains would be allowed from 0000 CET on Sunday. At the moment Freight transport would not be affected, all supplies and products  will leave and enter Poland without interference.

Walstead team is working on contingency plan to mitigate potential delays in case border controls are tighter.

Our facilities work as usually 24/7. We will inform you accordingly if the situation changes.

If you want to get details on overall, please check official Poland Government website: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus/zamykamy-granice-przed-koronawirusem



Dear Clients,

In connection with reports on the increasing numer of Covid 19 coronavirus cases in Europe, we would like to inform you that Walstead CE monitors the situation closely in Poland. At the same time Walstead CE is preparing the contingency plan to assure the production stability.

The Business Continuity Coordination Team has been created to be responsible for crisis management in the event of a threat. Walstead CE implements all recomendations issued by the MInistry of Health on an ongoing basis. Personal hygiene regulations have been strengthened and the Company has implemented the recommended business travel restrictions with regard to its employees. Walstead CE is also in constant contact with its suppliers. At pesent, no signals have been reported that any productions are at risk.

Being a company with many production plants throughout the Europe we are able to respond on an ongoing basis to secure our customer’s business.

We trust this information provides you with the necessary assurance that Walstead CE is taking all reasonable steps currently possible to manage the potential risk.

Walstead Central Europe Customer Service and Sales representatives are at your disposal to answer any questions.

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